Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Failure and Sadness

So today is a little off kilter. I havn't been able to read to much at the moment, well I mean I have but I'm reading War and Genocide: A Concise History of the Holocaust (Critical Issues in World and International History) by Doris L. Bergen (Yes, for fun) and I just recently finished The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch, Jeffrey Zaslow which I think I am going to do a review on (Believe me it deserves one.) but I haven't gotten around to it yet (Curse you college!!!!). But yesterday I sat with my nine year old brother and read the greatest book I read as a child and since then. I love many, many books and just like in life there are different kinds of love and for my the love I reserve for this book is the deepest purest love I could give to any book.
The Giving Tree is the sweetest, saddest, most meaningful book any child could read. Shel Silverstien was and is my favorite misc. author and he is an absolute genius. And this book is no different. My bro is a rock ( a scrawny rock but a rock no less) he doesn't cry at sad parts or aww at the sweet ones. But this book broke him. And you might think why on earth would I want to read a book that I know will make me so sad. And I won't lie, it will. I am having a hard time right now but you will never regret your decision. It is layered in meaning and love. Its a book that you child will read and years and years later still remember it. I'm rambling but take my word for it. If you never trust me again in you blogging life trust me this once I love this story. 

The Giving Tree   <- Buy Link. 

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