Thursday, October 17, 2013

Rain's Reviews: The Descendants Second Coming by Vrinda Pendred

Second Coming (The Descendants, #2)

Between kisses, Aidan kept asking her questions: Where do I come from? Who was my father? Who made me? Why am I here?

The Ancients are coming for them. In fact, they’ve already landed on Earth and now they’re searching for the boy who will lead them to the Wisdom.

Some say the Wisdom is ultimate knowledge of the Creator; others say it’s just a myth. But the golden giant Quetzal knows better. The Wisdom was lost thousands of years ago, and only its recovery will stop the Ancients from dying.

Meanwhile, Aidan is desperate to discover the identity of his birth parents…and the real reason why he was led away from home in pursuit of the black pulse of his dreams. Can Itzy protect him from the truth that threatens to divide them?
The Descendants Second Coming is just as astounding as the first. The adventure, Mystery, and romance of it all is amazingly woven together into a fantastical tale. Itzel, Aiden, Oz, Seth, and the rest of the gang and trying to protect the wisdom- kind of.

Itzel Loveguard has grown up. She has gotten more confident in herself and her powers but she still has a lot to learn. That, however, didn’t keep me from loving just as much the second time around.

The book was written in an encore cast all told in third person with the focus on Itzy, Sethe, Aiden, and the ancients mostly. Yep-the ancients- you get to meet them and see new sides to the already interesting cast.

The mystery was very well written and balanced. I didn’t figure anything out unless the characters did. I actually thought I’d gotten clever and figured it out a couple times but there was always another twist- silly me.

There was a lot more romance in this book, and much more steamy. I must admit that I was a little disappointed. It was very blatantly stated that they went past PG-13 and though there was no description I had always- for some fantastical childish reason hoped that Itzel was the type to wait. Nevertheless It was all such a small insignificant part of the story that I don’t think it would keep me from recommending it to a friend. Moving on.

The climax had a lot of build up and didn’t happen until the very end of the book as per Vrinda’s usual M.O. *Sighs* I have a theory that when Vrinda started writing she had an amazing mentor whom she grew to trust completely and always took his advice. Then one day Vrinda came to him with a problem- she couldn’t figure out how write the ending of a book. And her mentor in all his gentle wiseness told her, “then don’t. Leave your readers in miserable agony until you write the next book and then eventually when the time comes, and ending will present itself. Until then just stop and publish it at the least and yet most opportune moment.” And since that was the most she had ever heard her very old- slow to speak mentor talk at once she decided then and there to do exactly that; every single time. Congratulations old man you’ve cultivated an exquisite author with the ability to make lives and powers and fairytales come to life and I think you should be proud of her, dear fictional man. Lets just hope no one has to wait too long for the next installment, I think she might be responsible for a few admittances in to a psych ward if they have too long of a wait.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.


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