Tuesday, February 19, 2013

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Flight- Alyssa Rose Ivy

Flight (The Crescent Chronicles, #1)
Description off Goodreads
This is a fun, funny, smexy, and totally paranormal romance! I went on a search for a para- romance to keep me entertained this weekend and the book definitively did its job. The story was set in New Orleans (the hub for all things paranormal). It centers on an an 18 year old girl who has moved to New Orleans for the summer before her first year at Princeton to work at her dads hotel. Allie has sworn off boys because of her past relationships ending badly. So when Allie and Levi meet though they have major chemistry she tries to keep her distance but this hot, smart, and persistent guy just won't take a no.  
("Flight is most definitely a romance but it lives up to is YA/Teen title and stays clean:).)
I definitely connected with Allie right away, she was the ideal heroine.She is smart, has common sense, and stands up for herself. Sure there were a few "Why did you do that?" moments but nothing so drastic that kept me from loving her.(She was perfect compared to Luce from Fallen) 
Levi is smart, hawt, edgy, stubborn and a little stupid (i know you weren't expected that last one were you? hehe). Levi was everything a great paranormal hero should be with just enough flaws to make him believable. Once he set his sight on Allie  he wasn't going to stop until he had her and I had to say I loved him for it! 
Overall this book lived up to my expectations of being a quick, fun, and lovable paranormal romance and I will definitely be reading the second one soon (Oh yeah, MAJOR cliff hanger at the end hehe).

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