Monday, September 2, 2013

Rain's Reviews: Tent City by Kelly Van Hull

Tent City by Kelly Van Hull

Tent City

After a devastating plague, introverted 17-year-old Dani Campbell and her family find themselves living in a very different America, one run by a cult-like leader, who forces children to move to "safety camps" designed to protect the human race. Encouraged to flee by her parents, Dani and her five-year-old brother seek refuge in the Black Hills of South Dakota. On the run with danger around every corner, Dani must fight to ensure their survival in this new world while trying to unmask the mystery of how it all came to be. ~Goodreads
Tent City is the book to read if you like post apocalyptic survival adventures. It’s a book that keeps you on the edge of your seat and you can’t stay away for long. It plunges you straight into the action and you don’t have hope of getting anything done while reading it.

Dani has watched the world fall apart. She watched life transition from normal to searching for rations and praying the council doesn’t kill you.  She is stuck in a world of poverty, concentration camps, and tyranny. Can she live through this as the insecure, unhappy, and unwildernessy girl she is? And What happens when through the dangerous events she gets herself into she starts to fall for two very different people? (Yes, there is a love triangle)

Bentley and Jack, the leader and the healer. They couldn’t be any more different and yet they are indispensable to the story.  Bentley, the fearless leader who is always ready for a fight and seeks revenge for lives lost. Jack the doctor who wants to just get through this and helps in anyway possible even if it costs his freedom.

Kit and Brody were great secondary characters. I just wish they weren’t so one- dimensional and I had a hard time getting a reading on Kit. The setting, story, characters, and writing all added up to a great book.  


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