Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Quinn Loftis

Quinn Loftis the phenomenal author of the Grey Wolves and the Elfin series is ranked 39 in Amazon's "Most Popular Authors of Fantasy & Futuristic Romance" listings. (Congrats Quinn Loftis)

Quinn Loftis is definitely one of my favorite authors. She is so talented and I have read all of her books and have never wanted to put any of them down. Her first series Grey Wolves is currently five books long and she has a sixth coming along in a few weeks :). Her most recent book that is the first of a series is Elfin. Both series' are very original, funny, and exciting. If you haven't checked her out before be sure to do so now! You can check her out at Amazon, Goodreads, and at her website here: Quinn Loftis!
'see' ya'll later!

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