Friday, March 8, 2013

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How it Rolls by Lila Felix

How It Rolls (Love and Skate, #2)
Despite the odds, Reed Wolfe is making it, by the skin of her teeth. Her dreams and aspirations will have to wait until she can get on her feet. Because right now she’s homeless and churning on a downward spiral. 

Falcon Black is existing. Not living, not thriving, just jutting along a path. But when he finds Reed, he can’t resist the urge to help her, lighten her load. But Falcon tends to go overboard, over the line, crossing boundaries he never thought he would and risking her trust in the process. 

Can she accept his love or will it end up smothering her?
How it Rolls is the second book in the Love and Skate series. It features Falcon and Reed and it is their story to a happily ever after (more or less).
Falcon was such a swoon worthy sweetie! I really did like him and was quite jealous of Reed on some occasions. He found a girl worth pursuing and did so with all of his ability. Falcon did everything in his power to make happy and keep her that way. He was like the most perfect boyfriend you could have J.
As much as I liked Falcon I could never steal him from Reed. She deserves is a man like that. Coming from her hard life of being in the system and not always being placed with the nicest of peoples she had some trouble adjusting. She had some stupid moments but I guess in the end it just made her more human.  But Falcon being the fantastic guy he was never gave up on her.
Bird boy and Poppy go through a roller coaster ride of ups and downs throughout the book. But the blacks stuck with them and intervened when need be. Yep, I said the entire Black family, you get to follow up on Mr. and Mrs. Black, Nellie and Owen, and you get to see more of Maddox. The end was such a surprise which is saying a lot because I can usually figure out what’s going to happen. It makes my that much more anxious for Down ‘n Derby!
I don’t think How it Rolls will forever be on my Favorite Romance Books Ever shelf but it is still a really good read and something you will regret passing up.
“Did you just call me Poppy?” I laughed at him. “Either you are seeing a girl named Poppy or you just called me a flower”
“It fits you.” He smiled, pleased with himself.
“Calling me by the name of a flower does not fit me. I’m tough and mean and tough…”
“You said tough twice.” He was full on belly laughing now. 

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