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Rain's Reviews: The Perfect Chemistry Trilogy

Perfect Chemistry Trilogy Review by Simone Elkeles

Alright so this is going to be a little different type of review. I read the trilogy starting in December. As you may know I didn't start the blog until February so, instead of backtracking and reviewing a book I read four months ago and three month before I started number two and three I will do a review of the entire series. 
Simone Elkeles, is an amazing author. All of the books were written exceptionally well. All the characters were real and believable. She gave diverse backgrounds for all of the families. Brittany (Perfect Chemistry), Kiara (Rules of attraction), and Nikki (Chain Reaction) were all their own people with their own back stories and futures. I really enjoyed Brittany and Kiara, Nikki however got on my nerves, but I’ll get to that later. All of the brothers were pretty much the same though, the personality traits and problems were all pretty similar and that got repetitive by the third book and made Chain Reaction less enjoyable for me.
Brittany and Alex: They are the original perfect chemistry couple, thus I really enjoyed experiencing their relationship. Sure Alex could be an egotistical jerk, but he really did care about Brittany in his own way and you can’t help but have a soft spot for him. Brittany was a little hard to handle at first and was a little run-of-the-mill but you really grew to like her. The relationship was a definite roller coaster ride that include some idiotic mistakes from both of them but you have to stick it out and love ‘em through it :). 
Kiara and Carlos: my absolute favorite couple :) Rules of Attraction is the second of the trilogy and my favorite. Kiara is a innocent senior that comes from a wealthy home much like Brittany but that’s where the similarities end. Kiara is shy, a car fanatic, outdoors-y, and has a stuttering problem. The eccentric mix of attributes makes for a lovable, funny, and unique character. I really liked her. Carlos however was a lot like Alex when it came to personality and home-life. He was cocky, he was a jerk, and he was a rebel in every sense of the word. But when he meets Kiara and slowly lets down his walls how he deals with the problems is where he is different from his brother. But I won’t tell too much about that ;). I will say, however, as much as I loved the book and all the characters there were some repetition issues. Not just within the book itself but I saw quite a few similarities to Perfect Chemistry. But they definitely weren't enough to keep you from reading the book. You can read this book without reading the other two but if you do read the three stories in sequence then you get the BIG picture and it makes for a more satisfying conclusion. 
Nikki and Luis: aright nerds, lets get real here. I won’t be sugar coating this one. Nikki was a Butthead she had just as many issues as Luis (and the other two bros for that matter) but its how these issues were created that gets me. I will say as a disclaimer I've never been heartbroken, just so ya’ll know. In the beginning of the book Nikki is dating Marco, but what you read is the break-up. This gets to her because she thought he was the one, she was in love, it was her first boyfriend- all these different things that led to her becoming Butthead Nikki. She then meets Luis and it is the biggest game of Tug-of-War relationship style I have seen in a long time- maybe ever. Which brings me to Luis, he was great! He was sweet, good-looking, and the rebellious Fuentes gene? not nearly as bad as the other two. Well for the first few chapters anyway. Nikki and Carlos are the definition of a messed up couple. But it wasn't even just that the couple was volatile, because I can deal with that. The problems Luis went through and issues the couple had felt old and used, because they were so similar to the other two books. About half-way through I was just finishing it because I had to. I wasn't enjoying it as much as I wanted to. 
I have to say though, all books cuss, have their fair amount of violence, and each one has a non-descriptive sex scene.
The books one their own were good and as a series definitely conclusive. If you're looking for a lively romance, with innocent girls and bad-ace boys pick up the perfect chemistry trilogy (or better yet just the first two) and read your heart out. 

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