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"Yeah, you could say I'm musically slutty. My taste in music gets around." -Georgia Cates
This is a compilation of songs that tell of the struggles that Dante and Charlie go through and really just compliment the book. So sit back relax and enjoys the music!

1. Love is Blindness  Jack White 

At first Dante is completely opposed to anything Charlie. He doesn’t see anything other than an assignment and promotion. The thought of giving anything up for Charlie is ludicrous. But once he starts to care for and love Charlie the only thing that matters is her safety. 

2. Can’t Hold Us Macklemore & Ryan Lewis -Ft. Ray Dalton

Dante is a party boy. He loves to set it off and he’s got endless swag. He is the ultimate teenager and I think this is a cool party anthem.
3. Bad Company Five Finger Death Punch

Hello! Dante is a demon so he’s about the worst company you can hold :). He is bad and he admits it and revels in the fact (at least in the beginning). He specializes in corruption so this one was kind of a no brainer.
4. The Devil Within Digital Daggers

This song is more of a focus on Charlie. She is this innocent girl who had no business being involved with Boss Man and a soul contract.The insecurity that Dante put in her through his hot and cold attention and the soul contract was more of a silent killer. And that is what this song is about.
I will be here
When you think you’re all alone
Seeping through the cracks
I’m the poison in your bones
My love is your disease
I won't let it set you free
Til I break you

5. Party Rock Anthem LMFAO

I couldn’t leave this one out. I was just too great. This encompasses Dante’s life before he kicked the bucket. All party all the time.
6. Sexy and I Know it LMFAO

Dante said it best, he is “Finger-Lickin’-Delicious”. He is most definitely sexy and he most definitely knows it ;).
7. Monster Skillet

There is a monster inside Dante. He is a selfish guy who cares about himself and loves to see others condemned and when bad things happen to them. And He loves to be the one that inflicted the pain. But then things change and he starts to struggle. His old nature and the man he should be are fighting and this is the struggle played out.

8. Release the Panic Red

This is the aftereffects of the soul contract. When Charlie tries to stop asking for new things the contract makes it impossible to resist because of the pain she goes through. And it is a slippery slope from asking for better hair to sealing her soul to Hell.

9. Damage Red

This is the old Dante in a nutshell. He wreaked havoc everywhere he went. He was covered in shame. And he became tired of being who he was.

10. Say Goodbye Skillet
This is what Dante felt like when he went to see his mom in regards to his relationship with Charlie. He liked where they were and possibly wanted to move forward and then Charlie ave him the cold shoulder. This is how he felt.

P.S.These songs to me just really went with the book, no particular scene or struggle just a broad blanket that covered a lot of the story.
11. Broken Crown Mumford and Sons
12. No Church in the Wild Jay Z
13. One Girl Revolution Superchick (Charlies song)

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