Friday, August 30, 2013

Stacking My Shelves: The First One

Stacking My Shelves

So this week has been a big week for me as a blogger and I have also had so many great books and so much swag come my way. So I am going to do a stacking my shelves type thing. And while I don’t think I will do this consistently I will keep y’all up to date.

This week with the realease of the liberator, and a very successful trip to the bookstore I will not run out of reading material within the next two weeks.


The Liberator is the sequel to The Collector and released yesterday. I pre-ordered it so it came in the may today! Sqee!

If you’ve read The Collector and are anxious to read the sequel wait no more!

I know this came out in 2010, I know. I am far behind and if you must know, I’m out of season as well. But I’ll have you know in 2010 I was 13 and had no idea who David Levithan was-so. My day has arrived and the book I’ve been wanting since february (at least) has finally come!

  • Gated By Amy Christine Parker

So I saw this book and did something I very rarely do. I had never heard of it, the author, and I didn’t have the slightest what it was about. I saw the cover and pounced- stupid right? Yeah, I know. But luckily I loved it! Absolutely undeniably loved it with the kind of devotion I save for books like the hunger games or Every you, Every me. It covers such intriguing topics that I couldn’t stop.

So I took a couple risks this week and i am really hoping they pay off. Nobody’s Secret is a historical fiction about a young Emily Dickison- and its a mystery. Usually not my two faveorite things. Not that every once in awhile I don’t find a really good mystery (and I’ve never finished a historical fiction). I’ve started this one and I really am enjoying so, so far I cannot say anything bad ;).

  • Pulse by Patrick Carman

Pulse wasn’t a risk, it was a calculated acquirement that give me confidence in my pleasure of reading it. i’ve been sitting on the idea of getting this one and I decided why not? So I am really looking forward to reading this book.

I hadn’t heard of this one either. But when I saw it I got excited. If you’ve ever seen the move Then and Now this book seems to be along the same lines. And since I loved the movie and the idea around it I am anticipating this read.

Now, while I think I’ve heard of this before I’m not sure. But I do know it was on stupid sale at Liberty Bay Books and when I read the back cover I wanted to start right away. So here I am and there it is awaiting my attention on my shelf. I shall come soon my friend.


  • I got five buttons with different runes from City of Bones on each of them. Clairvoyant Sight, deflect, Angelic Power, Strength, Stamina. 
  • A movie t-shirt for Mortal instruments: City of Bones!
  • And signed Fire and Flood bookmarks from Victoria Scott (can;t wait for that book!) 

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  1. I just read Gated the other day and LOVED IT!

    I have yet to met Dante but from everything I've heard about him, I think I will pretty soon :)